Curious Minds Unite at the Atlanta Science Festival

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There are those that just can't keep their curiosity hidden. They want to know how things work, why they work and even invent their own creations. If you happen to be one of those people, and you're looking for events in Atlanta that satisfy your thirst for knowledge, then head to the Atlanta Science Festival. Some great minds come together for an … [Read more...]

Drink Up: Make Your Own Bar Cart

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Do you enjoy sipping on an alcoholic beverage or two as a way of winding down after work? Are you commonly the party host in your group of friends? If so, instead of visiting bars, consider making your own bar cart! A great way of saving money and adding pizzazz to your rental space, a bar cart is ideal for entertaining and learning how to craft your … [Read more...]

Skyhouse Decor: Transform Your White Walls

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In an apartment, it's easy to settle for white walls. This is common because many residents are afraid of damaging the space, leaving them open to the risk of losing their deposit. However, in today's world of interior design, there are some ways around that. Here are some apartment decorating tips that will transform your white walls into something … [Read more...]

Opera Nightclub Hosts the Atlanta Wine Party

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One of the many great things you'll enjoy about living at SkyHouse is that you location makes it possible for you to take advantage of the many fun events in Atlanta that happen all year round. Events like the Atlanta Wine Party at Opera Nightclub is just one example of a fun outing you can enjoy in the area. And this fun event will be hosted this … [Read more...]

Get a bite at Umi Sushi Buckhead

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Are you a fan of those little flavored parcels of rice and raw fish? If so, you will love the fact that our community at SkyHouse South are located close to an affluence of sushi restaurants in Atlanta! One sushi bar that is highly rated and boasts an elegant interior design is Umi Sushi. Situated on 3050 Peachtree Road Northwest, it presents hungry … [Read more...]